Stop Motion

A “Stop Motion” video, or animation, is a series of images stitched together and compiled as a video. These animations are extremely popular in the social media foo, product, and lifestyle space for their inherent ability to grab the viewer’s immediate attention.

Your potential customers want to know:

  • What it looks like (inside and out)
  • How it tastes
  • Why they should care

Most viewers don’t listen to audio when scrolling through their social feed, which is fine because stop motion is entirely visual and quickly digestible. Sound effects can, however, add a bit of character to the video (e.g. slurps, snaps, claps, or chomps!). Whether you want to quickly show your viewers the makeup of your awesome product through an unwrapping or chopping animation, or highlighting another aspect of your product, I can create a customized video that quickly and effectively showcases your product so when the viewer is scrolling through their feed, they can’t help but stop to watch. Stop motion animations are an easy, yet effective way to get many eyes on your product on social media.