Jamie Lebowitz

Jamie is an LA-based food and lifestyle photographer and videographer. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and had plans of becoming the best personal trainer, until she got her hands on a camera. Since then, Jamie has produced all kinds of visual content – photos, videos, GIFs, cinemagraphs, and more – for brands and companies. Her photography and videography journey began with an extensive social media internship at Livestrong.com several years ago, which allowed her to work closely with food and fitness bloggers and influencers. She prepped for the series of Facebook Livestreams starring the influencer, from them making recipes to completing rigorous workouts. She has worked with and filmed influencers like Cassey Ho (Blogilates), Anna Victoria, and My Nguyen (@myhealthydish_). She loved engaging with and creating excitement among a large audience on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, where she would promote these livestreams, as well as create her own content using her photography. She continues to blog about food adventures on her instagram @lebowfit. She is heavily involved in the food scene, staying atop the latest food trends, restaurant openings, and local cafe culture. Regardless of the task she is given, Jamie likes to impress her clients and audience with stellar work that showcases her knowledge of food and visuals, and includes some personality. She has created content for a variety of clients, including:




Blender Babes

Vekker LA

Melissa Chataigne Style Studio

Bougie Bakes

Purity Organic juices

Her writing and pictures can be found in food, fitness, and travel blogs, as well as major websites like Livestrong.com, Bridal Guide, Beachbody.com, Women’s Health, and more. Her 5 years as a trainer has allowed her to see health and fitness needs from many angles and guides the type of content she creates.