Jamie Lebowitz

Jamie is an LA-based food, dance, and lifestyle photographer and videographer. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and had plans of becoming the best personal trainer, until she got her hands on a camera. Since then, Jamie has produced visual content for all types of brands. Her extensive social media internship at Livestrong.com allowed her to work closely with food and fitness bloggers. She would prep for their them on Facebook Live for thousands. Most of her work has focused on healthy living food and fitness content. While she continues to blog about food on her drool worth instagram and create similar content for brands, her interests have transitioned to align with her personal passion for aerial fitness. Having been an aerialist and most recently learning how dance intertwines with it, she has shifted to documenting her fellow aerialists’ performances, showcases, and creating music video-style videos that exemplify the skill of those who practice it. Thus, Jamie maintains two Instagrams – one for reveling in food, and one for showcasing aerial fitness content she creates. Regardless of what the project is, Jamie loves telling stories with her own spin on it through her photos and videos. She has done so for a variety of clients, including:




Blender Babes

Vekker LA

Melissa Chataigne Style Studio

Bougie Bakes

Purity Organic juices

Her writing and pictures can be found in food, fitness, and travel blogs, as well as major websites like Livestrong.com, Bridal Guide, Beachbody.com, Women’s Health, and more. Her 5 years as a trainer has allowed her to see health and fitness needs from many angles and guides the type of content she creates.